June 27, 2012


I'm back!!
It is amazing how a one week absence can feel like a year in a blogger's mind.
In case you were wondering what edge of the world I fell off into this past week that would be

I have never visited Destin in my twenty-six years, but I have every intention on returning because nothing has quite compared to it (at least within the continental United States).

Enjoy some of the photos from my eight day adventure.
See, I didn't totally forget about you all.

The closest you've got so far to a self-portrait of me. My identity is slowing piecing together.

The wharf dazzled me with fireworks one evening.

These birds were everywhere on the boardwalk. Couldn't help but snap a silhouette photos against the sunset.

Have you ever taken a once in a lifetime photo?
Right place. Right time. Perfection.
That's how I felt after taking this panning photo.

Great restaurant. Hard name: Fudpuckers. Loved that they had these little guys crawling around the place while you waited to be seated.

Guess what I crossed off my bucket list?

Yep. That's me on the left and my momma on the right. Such an amazing feeling to fly like that.
Parasailing...check. Skydiving...perhaps.

You don't need to pay for a dolphin cruise. These guys are everywhere.

And right at the end of the trip...Debby hit.

Debby only enhanced the trip. Sure she put a stunt in my tan. But I am pretty fascinated with natural disasters. I don't want them to happen, but since we all know they do, I am interested to know what they are like.
Weird. I know.

All I've had my whole life is Tornadoes.
Even though Debby didn't become a Hurricane, I did experience what a tropical storm is like. 
She only last a day, then the sun came back out.

Anyway, the trip was amazing.
If you haven't been, go, just go.


  1. Awesome photos!! Looks like an amazing week.

  2. You are so very talented! I love the heron/big bird (yes, the one from Sesame Street) with the fish. Love. xo