June 11, 2012

...and the wardrobe

Even as an art teacher I LOVE to dress up for work!
Don't be surprised if you come to my class during a clay project and find me sporting a dress more fit for a office. 
So after 9 months of classy I allow myself 3 months of relaxed. 

Imagine my disappointment this morning when I went to put on the usual:
running shorts and a men's white v-neck undershirt...
only to find...
a small hole in the arm of the t-shirt.

I threw the t-shirt on my bed and decided it would become a craft later in the day.

Hence, later in the day.
Now, you've probably seen some awesome tutorials doing this craft on Pinterest. 
I myself have had one of my youth girls say this is an easy tank-top to make.
I totally agree!
All you need is scissors and a t-shirt.
Cut off the collar close to the hem.
Cut off the sleeves. (Hem on sleeves should get cut off)
1. Cut another 1.5" off the sleeve
2. Fold shirt in half. --Use symmetry to cut other sleeve-- same on both sides
3. What mine looked like
I folded the shirt in half again, and cut the back of the shirt.
1. Use one of the sleeves and cut off 1"
2. Cut in half so it isn't in a loop
3. Stretch it, this will cause the strip to curl
Tie the back of the t-shirt together.
I added a little bow to "girl" this t-shirt up a bit.
Here is the front of the tank-top.
The back of the tank-top.
Since it is a workout tank I decided to pull out the muscles for this photo.

This literally took 5 minutes to make.
And it totally fixed a t-shirt that had a hole in it.
Nothing is a lost cause when you are creative!!

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