May 7, 2012

tornado warning

When you live in tornado alley, tornado warnings are nothing new.
But since I did take my first trip to the basement this past weekend I figured I should celebrate my survival with some art.
My fifth graders helped me out on this one.
We tackled one of my favorite things: perspective.
And had fun "destroying" our artwork with twisters.
Take a close look at some of these, the details are hilarious.
The talk of class today was the lightening that caught the transformer on fire.
I think those things started to be added to pictures.

Notice the animals flying.
This kid even gave there newly planted tree support.

The details on this one are unreal! Prairie fires! Cracked glass on the car! That tree is a goner! And they are going to need to call their insurance agent for a new roof.

The fifth graders loved this I think it eased up the whole one-point perspective toughness.