May 6, 2012


I started an art blog post a few days ago and kept getting interrupted before I could finish it.
After this weekend though I feel like I need to pause for a moment and honor two women.
Both have earned the title best friend.
One has been in my life since I was nine months old.
The other was given to me at just the right moment a few years back.

Rise from the ashes.
I watched this weekend as both of these women experienced loss in one way or another.
Whether it be facing the loss of a loved one because of cancer or a dream.
Certainly when you face trials your first instinct is to quit.
Can you really face this again?
Will you survive?
But I saw hope written all over their faces.
In the midst of ache, there was a glimmer of laughter.
They still have fight left in them.
Because ultimately they know they aren't fighting this battle alone.

And so my post goes to them today.
For one there is hope of new life perfectly in bloom.
For the other there is hope because His mercies are fresh every morning.
And for me there is a sense of blessing.
Knowing that no matter what is ahead on my path, these two will be walking it with me.
And fortunately, we also have a guide.


  1. Jen, thank you so much. This is priceless. You are a such an exceptional friend.

  2. My thoughts and prayers go out to your friends. Beautiful way to show you care.