May 14, 2012

Holy Mola!

I posted this lesson awhile back.
But I wanted to share this year's results.
I have this book in my classroom called, "Dynamic Art Projects for Children".
I love this book.
Love it!
So many great ideas inside its pages.
This is one of them.
My third graders study Latin American Art so we look at Molas and the Kuna Indians who create them.
Day one:
We use tracers to make either: wolves, flowers, sunshine, crocodiles, or fish.
They use markers and fill up there objects with geometric and organic shapes, plus lines.
TIP: Want a quiet room? Do what I do. Play an audio book. Dead silence. Right now we are working our way through the Chronicles of Narnia.
Day 2: 
Glue down on a background color.
Lay out a variety of bright colored copy paper.
Show them how to create a mosaic of shapes around their subject.
Emphasis the space in between and not touching their subject with the copy paper.
They all turned out gorgeous.
I just love bright colors in the hallway!
TIP: Save one artwork for every kid at the end of the year. Then you have something to hang up in August when the walls are bare.