May 24, 2012

be a kid at heart

Even though it is summer break, I promise I am not disappearing.
This summer expect blog-posts about:
1) my summer adventures
2) crafts
3) a few random art related posts

Today you get a craft.
I have a confession.
I am slightly obsessed with headbands.
This one works well if you are a kid or a kid at heart like me.
(My waitress did ask me today if I was still in high school...sigh)
Anyway, wanna see?
This is what you need.
Pretty simple.
Elastic headbands, scissors, felt, tweezers, needle & thread, circle template, sharpie, various beads, matches, and a candle. (I know---the last two supplies are bizarre!)
Using the sharpie and circle template draw out 3 sets of circles.
Mine are 2", 1.5", 1"
Cut the circles out. They do not need to be perfect. Trust me.
Time to light the candle and get your tweezers ready.
(Note - don't play with fire - I even have to tell myself that - cons of being a kid at heart)
Hold the felt with tweezers and singe the edges of the felt.
Seems strange right?
This gives a really beautiful effect...almost like wax (but don't get your felt in the wax).
All the circles will shrink some due to this step.
Pick out some beads.
I chose some golden pearls.
Get your needle and thread ready.
Thread in-and-out of the pearl twice.
Grab the elastic and secure the felt to the headband.
Repeat the previous step three times.
NOTE!! - make sure you overlap the flowers because elastic stretches and you don't want gaps in-between.
Artsy right? It spruces up any plain 'ole hairstyle or outfit.
Perfect for any eccentric art myself.

Time & Price: 
15-20 minutes

Felt $.25 (a sheet) Hobby Lobby
Headbands $.99 (for 6!) Thanks Forever 21.
Everything else I had on hand.
That's right...grand total $1.25. (and I can still make 5 more)

Stay tuned for Memorial Weekend adventures.

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  1. I love these very creative headbands.
    I will be back for more :)