May 23, 2012

and the winner is...

I am shocked.
The votes weighed heavily towards one color.
It was the one color that I was actually most apprehensive about.
With that in mind I made a decision.

And the winner is:

So I apparently trust all of you more than I trust myself.
I went to the paint store this morning and bought a quart.
Tried it out.
Still apprehensive.
But I figure...come August...when I go in for the first time in 3 months...
If my room looks like a cactus or throw-up all of you who voted get to come teach a class for me.

Thanks for voting though!
And by the way,
Happy Summer Break
...because that is what I am on now.


  1. It's right. Don't deny it.

  2. I voted for the green! My district NEVER gives you a choice, you get what you get! I have had rooms that were tan, white, sickly pale blue and pepto pink over the years!

    1. I know. To be honest I am a little in shock I got to choose. I am crossing my fingers that everyone else will love it come August. ;)

  3. Just wanted to say hello:) Love your blog and adding to my blog reader.
    I like the green too- bright and fun!

  4. rules!!!!!!!!!! My room's green is the color on the crayola crayon box. So it is a little deeper than yours...but I do like the green you have selected for your room. There is an energy to it without being obnoxious!! Plus...I think green is just a positive color to surround yourself with!!!