April 28, 2012

Something Blue

I am horrible at all registries.
Bridal, Baby, etc, so lost.
Yes, I may be the girl from 27 dresses
Yes, I have a closet dedicated to bridesmaid dresses.
Yes, I even have a sister who is a wedding coordinator.
--- but I have not figured this crazy system out yet.
I'll go to the store, have them print out the novel that is the registry, spend an hour decoding said registry in an abandoned aisle, and leave the store with a gift card.

Good heavens, it will be a mess when I have to create my own registry one day.
But today is not that day.
Today was the day of a friend's bridal shower.
Being that I'm an art teacher, I have a crafting addiction, and I know a thing or two about weddings---I ventured down another avenue for the gift.

Make it.
Inspired by Pinterest and aided by my unhealthy relationship with Hobby Lobby, the gift was born.
Let's just say, this future husband can bring home some flowers for his future wife now.
Start with some glassware.
Hobby Lobby occasionally has some great glass sales.
Get some puff paint or find some tucked away in a cabinet like I did.
Puff Paint on a design, pattern, monogram, etc. Wait for it to dry.
Admire your penmanship and keep waiting.
Grab some spray paint and have at it.
Let dry for about 24 hours.

This project cost me less than $4 in supplies plus the price of your glassware. Keeping in mind that I already had some of the supplies on hand.

At least with a gift like this you will accomplish the following:
1) Better reactions than would be expected if you gave a gift card.
2) Exposure- you end up on display instead of in a wallet.
3) Love. Because unexpected flowers can mean more than a set of dish towels bought with a gift card. 
So go get crafty and spread some love.


  1. Love this idea! I've got a bridal shower coming up in May and if I have to buy one more set of dish towels I'm going to scream! Definitely going to go the "make it" route- may even borrow this!

    1. Do it! I am seriously debating about making one for myself and then buying myself flowers to put in it! ;)