April 27, 2012

Line Landscapes

I pinned an idea like this sometime over the last few months.
I thought I would implement it next year but something overcame my lesson plan book---
---4 weeks left!
I literally starred at my plan book for 30 minutes today trying to figure out what to teach and when to teach and how to deal with the 9283592 interruptions that always happen in May.
I decided to try out this lesson for second grade because I didn't think it would take much time.
I was right.
I probably could have had them finished in one class period, but I drug it out by taking them outside to view a real landscape and by showing them time lapse videos of landscapes.
The concepts for this project:
Warm and cool color families
Line Movement and Line variety
Perspective (size)
I let them choose a horizontal or vertical landscape.
I let them choose where their landscape was located.
Pretty impressive work for my "almost 3rd graders".