April 7, 2012

How we've grown

First time they've felt a pen in their little hand as it slides across the crisp construction paper.
First day smelling the mixed aroma of paint, paper, markers, and glue that generally defines my art room.
First day of art class ever.

It is a new experience for many for them. 
You spend the first few months teaching and re-teaching the little ones how to hold scissors and what 'dot dot dot not a lot' actually looks like.

But that first day. They are just themselves.
They don't know what a good artwork is. Their creativity has barely been defined or explored.
When my Kindergartners step foot in my room in August I put them right to work with one rule
...they get little guidance from me on that first day.

Assignment One:
Draw a picture of yourself. You get a pen and a piece of paper. See what happens.

It's precious really. Each one so different from the next.

One of the last assignments of the year:
Draw a picture of yourself again. You get a pencil, markers, and paper.
Show me how you've grown.
Show me what you've learned.

The result.
A beautiful expression.
Creativity defined.
The perfect showcase for my Kindergarten classes at Fine Arts Night.