April 30, 2012


So I'm preparing for some blank walls that will hopefully be in my future.
I have seen so many inspiring things (via pinterest) that could go on blank walls.
Not gonna lie.
This next craft was a little time consuming and costly.
But worth it in the end.
Pick out many photos that you like. 
Mine consisted of friend portraits, family portraits, self-portraits, artsy photos and landscapes. All pictures I have accumulated in the last few years.
Once you have the photos keep them in a file on your desktop.
Time for editing.
Now that Picnik is dead. My favorite spot is PicMonkey for quick edits.
Edit all the photos to your liking.
Time for Photoshop.
Note: I thought I could find a store that would print single photos at 4x3. Wrong. They only print doubles in wallet size. 
So now I ventured to Photoshop to get two 4x3 photos on a 4x6.
Open up a new background at 300 resolution and sized at 4x6.
You will need to do this twice, one for vertical photos and one for horizontal.
Use your ruler guidelines to divide it in half.
Open the two photos you want to use.
Use the Move Tool to drag that photo onto this background.
The photo you drag over will more than likely be too big.
Go to Edit, Transform, Scale and size it to the correct size.
Do this process with both photos.
Save your 4x6 as a jpeg.
Do this with all the photos. Upload all jpegs to a store that prints photos (like Walmart).
Once you get the photos printed, cut them in half. You now have wallet size photos.
Organize into vertical and horizontal pictures.
Buy some over-sized frames at 50% off! Hobby Lobby! Take the collage matte out the frame on the right.
Use the back of the poster already in the frame as your background.
Utilize mounting squares and a ruler to lay out your photos.
I did all horizontal photos in one frame (it held 50) and vertical in the other.
I wish the final picture didn't have to be blurry, but I'm still a bit of a mystery.
You get the picture though. Literally.