April 22, 2012

The calm

The title of this post totally reflects this past weekend for me.
I worked hard last week to try and get everything ready for FAN.
Am I ready?
But I'm close.
Tuesday is the day.
Followed by Friday which marks the end of another semester of graduate school.
I'm exhausted, but I know I will be able to breathe again next week.

This weekend was perfection though.
I spent time with some of the most wonderful friends I know...my high school friends.
Yesterday I spent time with some of the most wonderful teenagers I know...my students in youth group.
Today I spent time with some of the most wonderful women I know...my college friends.

My best friend snapped this picture of me at the lake this weekend. We had been fishing but then decided to do an impromptu photo shoot instead. This lake is one of my favorite places to go. It holds a lot of memories for me. Some recent, some long ago, some bitter, some sweet.
But every time I've found myself at the end of this pier it is for lack of a better word... peaceful.
So I remind myself to breathe and remember that even when my own life looks like a chaotic storm, someone else is truly in charge. So I don't need to worry.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these beautiful thoughts.
    Have a great week.