April 5, 2012


First grade teachers informed me that they were studying insects in their classroom.
I was looking for a new lesson to try out and I stumbled on this awesome lesson over on Margaurita's blog.
I had one class make bees, one made dragonflies, and one made beetles.

For the bees we used yellow model magic. We took sharpies and drew on the black lines. Then we added the pipe cleaners for legs and wings. Now, I changed my mind on the eyes halfway through. Instead of the googly eyes, I decided to paint the eyes onto each insect made (I did this after the kids left). I went through and made two dots using white tempera paint and a q-tip, then went through and put two black dot using black tempera and the back of a paintbrush. So quick and easy.

We also made environments for our bugs on 6 x 6 paper. So cute!!

I don't have pictures yet of the dragonflies and beetles, but they will be up on display at Fine Arts Night, so you will see pictures of a TON of stuff in about 3 weeks.