March 19, 2012

Supplies Part 1

Today I had a professional development day/flex time, which for me meant that I got about 8 hours to do the things that never get done.

Two big issues for the day were:
Planning Fine Arts Night
Starting to order supplies for next year

Thus I get to the heart of the issue > Supplies.

My first question to you is do you have any supplies that you recommend? Or maybe you've done a blog post about supplies. If you leave me a comment with the link I will add it to my "Lesson I Love" page.

Best buy of 2011-2012:
Liquid Watercolors - I ordered an assortment pack of ten colors, still have plenty left. Holy cow, best thing ever to be invented. I store them in these cups.

Kindergarten Centers (For the days when projects don't last an hour)
1. Roylco Straws and Connectors - This was a big hit.
2. Where Art Thou? - Art Memory Game, this can even be split into two center because there are a lot of cards.
3. Play-doh - Not gonna lie, I'll probably throw this one out of the mix next year.
4. Free Draw
5. Color Memory Game - I made it up and it is a hit.

New things I'm thinking of getting for 2012-2013:
Fluorescent  Liquid Watercolors
Big Kid's Choice Classroom Pack Brushes
Some unique Construction Paper Colors (Lilac, Dark Blue, Butterscotch, Scarlet, Holiday Green, Light Green)
Ticonderoga Pencils (I hear they are the best!!)
Construction Paper Crayons (Can you believe I don't have any??)