March 13, 2012

Spring Break

It's Spring Break!
That means I have infinitely more time on my hands to relax.
Here is my latest jewelry tutorial:
My best friend and I decided to make these after seeing them on Pinterest.
We ran into a few snafus though...
All you need is some hex nuts and leather cord.
(Note the smaller the hex nuts the better...also the leather I wanted was metallic so it was more like plastic than leather...let me just tell you it is more difficult to work with.)
1. Supplies (Found at Hobby Lobby and Home Depot) $4
2. Cut a longer strand of the leather and fold in half.
3. Cut a third stand of leather so it matches the length of the other one folded in half.
4. Pull the cord that is folded in half through the hex nut to form a loop. Tie a knot at the top of the third cord and pull it through the hex nut.
5. You now have 3 strands hanging from the hex nut.
6. Begin braiding the strands. Check for sizing occasionally.
7. Once you have braided for awhile you will add one hex nut at a time to the outside cords.
8. Add one hex nut, braid, as soon as you are about to cross the opposite outside strand add another hex nut. Continue this process till you run out of hex nuts (I used 16). Braid without hex nuts to finish.
Closure: Put another hex nut and knot on the other end. This will fit through the loop that you already made. 
Make sure it fits your wrist!
I love the gold, it makes it look expensive when it wasn't at all.
More crafts coming this week...

(Ollie didn't make an appearance this week because we are dog-sitting and he has gone into hiding)