March 21, 2012

Mmmm Clay Cupcakes

Mmmm. If only these cupcakes were not made out of clay.
Third graders were super excited to make food out of clay.
Last year we made clay burgers. This year, I was in the mood for dessert.
First I purchased silicone cupcake molds from Crate & Barrel (see here)
I know what you're thinking. Crate & Barrel?! Could you pick a more expensive place?
Actually, these were less than $10, and there were 12 in a pack instead of 10. So I bought two sets.

Make one pinch pot first.
Place pinch pot into the cupcake mold and press into edges. Cut off extra clay at the top with a paper clip.
I made the kids leave them in the molds (I removed them personally the next morning, popped right out).

Make a second pinch pot and make sure it rests on top of the other base without being too small or big.
Roll a cherry and attach.
Once they are fired in the kiln, glaze.
I stress to my students not to glaze the bottom edges (I need to purchase more star stilts!)
They are so fun!
Even the lunch lady said they looked good enough to eat.