March 17, 2012

Georges Rouault Portraits

This is a lesson I taught a few years ago when I was just a student teacher.
The colors came out so vivid though and they were a real parent-pleaser during Fine Arts Night.
We studied artist Georges Rouault.
He did some interesting portraits (see here).
I love his bold outlines though.
1. Use white chalk on black construction paper. SO EASY to ERASE MISTAKES.
Have one be a full-face portrait of themselves and the other be a profile portrait of a friend or family member.
2. Start by coloring in the face with oil pastels (note: I only had chalk to use when I was doing my example)
3. You can use this lesson to talk about color blending...
4. Divide up background into sections and fill in.
The last step is to outline everything in black just like Rouault did.
The third graders did great!