February 22, 2012

Finger Paint Turtles

I always tense a little when I think of little hands doing finger paints.
But if you plan well, you can avoid big issues.
On day 1 each student received a pie chart on white card stock.
I have 6 tables, so students moved from one table to the next for each color.
Three tables were the primaries. The other three contained 2 primaries for mixing.
Each table also had a wet rag for hands to get clean.
This was an example I did on day 2 showing how to attach the different turtle parts, but it also shows what the pie chart looked like originally (minus the gross line from the copier).
On day 2 the Kindergartners cut out their pie chart after outlining it with sharpie.
I drew out the turtle shapes and printed them on green card stock. The students practiced cutting skills.
We glued.
Used a felt tip pen to add eyes and nose.
Finally we used green colored pencils to add patterns to turtle appendages.


  1. You're a brave woman, finger painting with kindies! I say that because last time I did, the janitor yelled at me because I sent some to the bathroom to wash up and they touched everything!

    These turtles are adorable and I love how thick the paint is and the movement recorded by their little fingers. What a cool way to experiment with color mixng!

    1. Haha, oh man, I think you aren't a real art teacher until the janitor has yelled at you for getting things dirty. It has happened to me too. But I have to say, the wet rag on each table worked perfectly.

      Glad you like them!