February 6, 2012

Fall or Spring Trees

These freestanding sculptures make me beyond happy.
Third grade makes these beautiful sculptures. 
They can either be done in the fall (as seen in the pictures) or the spring.
We make them out of brown lunch bags and tissue paper.
First, we practice using rulers to draw the lines we will eventually cut.
We make 3-4 cuts on the larger sides and 2 cuts on the smaller sides.
(The cuts go about 4 inches deep from the top of the open side of the bag)
That means you end up with 14-16 branches.
Hold the bottom with one hand and twist with the other to form a tree trunk.
Crunch and twist each branch in your hand.
Once you have your tree form add 3-4 green squares of tissue paper on each branch.
Then spread the color tissue paper throughout the branches.
If you are doing a spring tree, just use pastel colors for the blossoms.
Tip: If there are some trees that are having trouble standing, tape a penny to the bottom.