February 24, 2012

Eccentric Bows

I finally wrote that Master's paper I was avoiding.
Thus a reward was necessary.
1. Supplies: Elastic Headband, Thread, Needle, Fabric
2. Cut out a small section of fabric.
3. Fold the fabric over and sew to get rid of rough edges.
4. Loop fabric around a sew together.
5. Flatten loop out with seam in the center of back.
6. Poke needle through center of the front and start to loop it round and round.
7. Still looping around, occasionally poking thread through fabric.
8. My paw model, Ollie, shows off the bow. Cut another strip of small fabric.
9. Loop extra fabric around the center of bow and sew it down.
(if that didn't make any sense, just google how to sew a bow)
Choose the color headband you want to work with.
Sew the bow on top of the headband.
It can be worn in front or back of your hair.
Cost: Under $3
Thread & Needle: Already had.
Fabric: $.79 Flannel (it was on the scrap shelf @ Hobby Lobby)
Headbands (pack of 2): $1.99

This look isn't for everyone, but it works for artists because we can dress eccentrically without strange looks. Just tell 'em you are the art teacher.