February 14, 2012

Coil Love

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!
Since I am so NOT busy tonight, I figured it was time to spread some blog post love.
Let me also say I am excited to have 14 followers now on this the 14th of February.

Do you hate teaching coil building to your students?
I do. I think the only reason I don't like teaching coils is because the projects I do always end up taking longer than an hour (this is a no-go since I only see the kiddos once a week).
Last year we made coil portraits.
It was one of those lessons I did. It was done. I never planned to do again.
This year I have got on an animal kick with all my clay projects.
I ran across this lesson and took my own little spin on it.
Here are our turtles so far:
Can't wait to paint or glaze them!

I think I actually may love coils now!