January 11, 2012

Printed Peacocks

Kindergarten - Marshmallows - Finger painting - Peacocks
What could be better?

I show the little ones pictures of Peacocks.
We use the "letter C" with our hand (minus the thumb) and place the side of our hand in blue paint. This is the body of our Peacock.

We used BIG marshmallows and stamped them in green paint to make the outer color of the eye spot.

We used little marshmallows and stamped them in turquoise paint to make the inner color of the eye spot.
(you can reverse these colors)


Give the little ones a felt-tip pen and make a beak, eye, legs (for body) and lines for feathers.

We read this fantastic story and they get a little marshmallow to eat...
(for not eating their stamping tool from earlier)


  1. Marshmallow printing...how perfect! Love this lesson for little ones. Pinning!

  2. I LOVED this lesson so much that I am going to base a lesson of my own for one of my art education classes at UW Stout. I'm an art ed. major there. This is awesome! I'll be teaching it to my friends in class and probably posting about it on my blog, www.artedexperience.blogspot.com Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. That is awesome Andi! Can't wait to see the the post about it. Good luck with the lesson you teach. I remember teaching my fellow art ed friends a lesson on calligraphy!

  3. What size paper did you use here? And yes, I'm excited too!

    1. I think I used 11 x 17, that way I could use a 12x18 frame.
      We counted the eye-spots since it is for Kinders. We tried to get 10 eye-spots each, but some of them needed to fill in white space they had left, so I just went around and told specific children to add more. :)

    2. Awesome thank you so much!

  4. http://artedexperience.blogspot.com/2012/03/micro-teaching.html

    Here is a link to a little mini post that I did for my micro teaching experience with your lesson plan. I adapted it a bit to write a full lesson plan on it, but otherwise all of the ideas were from you. I left a link to your blog for credit!

  5. This is really cute. I am always looking for new ideas for printmaking. Unfortunately, I won't be able to use marshmellows, we can't bring food into the school. I'm wondering if the foams ones would work? I'll let you know if I try them.