January 31, 2012


It has happened again.
It will probably continue to happen.
I made another necklace after pinning a picture of it a few weeks ago.
This was the original picture I pinned:
The details were hard to see, so I had to do some investigating at local jewelry stores.
These are the supplies you will need.
All of the supplies on the left were purchased at Hobby Lobby.

Before getting started I was literally scouring the house for Ollie. I couldn't find him for the life of me. I even shook his cat food bag and he didn't come running. I was fairly certain that he was dead somewhere in the house. So I gave up looking and started my craft. Guess who showed up within minutes...?
I guess I could have ditched the food and just yelled out that is was craft time...
And he reminded me yet again that I don't like doing crafts with him around.
Especially when I found him playing with a needle. Sigh.
Back to the necklace.
Using the scissors, cut off the "chicken tail" part of the feather. Trim back a little bit of the feathers to reveal a small stem.
Place the stem in the cord crimp.
Using jewelry pliers fold one side of the cord crimp over the stem. Then repeat with the other side.
Tug on the feather to make sure it is secure.
I used all the cord crimps that I bought, so I ended up with 16 feathers.
Add jump rings to the end of each cord crimp.
The above was my first version of this necklace. It was pretty, but I decided I wanted the feathers to be a bit more spread out. The only beads I had on hand were the ones from this project.
I put one bead in-between every two feathers.
I also added a few more jump rings to lengthen my necklace.
I tried it out with two outfits. I especially love how it kind of moves when I walk. 
I think I will probably make some other versions of this necklace using a 24" necklace and maybe different colors for my feathers.
So fun!

Total Cost: $7.12
Feathers: $1.19 w/ 40% coupon
Necklace Chain: $2.99 (on clearance)
Jump Rings: $1.47
Cord Crimps: $1.47
Wooden Beads: previously owned