November 29, 2011

Hundertwasser Update & Musical Art

I managed to snap one photo of the fifth grader's Hundertwasser collages this morning. I promise I'll get more once they are completed. The kids had so much fun making them!

Today I had my fourth graders work on the Holiday artwork for the stage at the third grade musical. I gave them huge pieces of paper and assigned each group something they needed to make. I laid out a bunch of materials on the counter and told them they had to use their own creativity. It was so amazing watching them work as a team and come up with ideas.  I am sure the music teacher will love these creations!

November 27, 2011

Calder Sculptures

When I was student teaching two years ago I did this project with my 4th graders. We talked about Alexander Calder and his amazing sculptures. Students got some thick white paper and cut it into different shapes. (These shapes for the most part had to fit on there base). The made patterns on either sides of the shape. Then they cut slits in the shapes and connected them before they glued them to the base. I think I might put them on black bases next time around. Loved the results, but they took up a lot of space! Great for Fine Arts Night.

November 25, 2011

Glitter Tree

Now that Thanksgiving is over, I can officially allow myself to start celebrating Christmas. The tree went up today with all the fun glitter ornaments I made earlier this month. It is very sparkly and very me.

November 23, 2011


I feel like I am constantly talking about shapes no matter what project I am teaching. Even though we've been over it plenty of times, I still get a few kiddos who don't quite get the difference between organic and geometric shapes. So I decided to make some signs to spruce up a bulletin board in my room. The bonus was that I made one sign warm colors and one sign cool colors.

What else will I accomplish over break?

Love the painted paper border...

November 19, 2011

Greeting Cards

One of my "unspoken" responsibilities at my school is to create holiday greeting cards to send to almost every school in the district. So I got to work on the cards on my day off this week. Both Ollie and I thought they were fun to make, although, after about the 40th card, I was over it.

Here are the steps:

Ollie showed up just in time to help out with this craft.
These are the supplies you will need:
Tempera Paint, Paintbrush, Ruler, X-acto, Scissors, Glue, Card stock, Box Lid, Self-healing Mat

Put some card stock in the box lid and drizzle tempera paint.

DO NOT: Walk away for even a minute because something bad could happen. Ollie decided to lay on the pink paint I had just poured in the box. Pause for kitty bath time.
Pretty drizzled paint that I smeared with a brush. Set this aside to dry.

Fold card stock in half and reopen. Draw pairs of parallel lines across the fold.
Use the straight edge and X-acto to cut along the lines.
Pop the line out into right angles.

Ollie was apparently not a fan of my music choice on Pandora or the laptop or life in general.
After 40 of these I was tired. (Note: you could just use scissors if you think you can cut straight enough lines)
Once the paper has dried cut out triangles.

Glue the triangles onto the right angles. Add your personal greeting!

I already had all these supplies so it was free!
My fun level: 5  Ollie's cleanliness: Less than or equal to 0

November 11, 2011

Glitter fun!

So I'm not allowed to listen to Christmas music or decorate my tree until after Thanksgiving, but I just couldn't resist the 50% off all Christmas supplies at Hobby Lobby. Having a day off work doesn't help anything either. So I caved and decided that preparing for decorating wasn't really breaking any rules. So I did just that.

My tree so happens to have a glitter only rule. If it isn't colorful and glittery, it doesn't make the cut. So that is the path I went down today.

Start by cleaning out the ornaments. (1 cup of warm water plus 1 tbsp of vinegar).
Rinse out with warm water and let dry.

Back at the craft table have these supplies ready: 
glitter, glitter-it glue, funnel (optional), paperclip, glass ornaments.
Puncture the Glitter-It glue with a paperclip to open it.

Pour in the Glitter-it (tsp) and swirl it to coat the inside. You can add more later on.
 Pour in glitter and began to swirl or shake to spread.

Notice how if you don't put in a lot of glitter, it won't cover much, so add more.

Then my kitten Ollie decided he wanted attention and thus started 
destroying my work zone and ornament box.
More destroying... 

I started combining the colors and loved the results!

Total cost: $6.50  Fun Level for Ollie: Priceless
Supplies bought at Hobby Lobby (note everything was 50% off)
Glue: $2.50 Twelve Glass Ornaments: $3 Glitter: $1

November 4, 2011


I've been perusing other blogs I follow and I was quite taken with Deep Space Sparkle's Hundertwasser collage. I decided to take my own spin on for my specific 5th graders.

Although my 5th graders do learn about complementary colors, they also learn about neutral colors. So I decided to combine both these color families for this project. I'll post finished projects once they are done, including my own. But here are my 12x18 painted papers that I will be using in my collage.