December 23, 2011

Something's Fishy

Here is a wonderful slab lesson that I do with my 2nd grade artists.

1) We draw out a fish outline on a piece of paper (ex. 4x6") and cut it out to use as a tracer.
2) Roll out a slab of clay and place our fish tracer on top.
3) Use a paper clip to trace around the paper into the clay.
4) Use a variety of tools to make textures.
Bonus: stuff a paper towel or two under the fish so it dries with a little wave in it's form instead of flat.
5) Use warm and cool tempera paints to make our fish tropical.
Bonus: Add mod-podge on top to give it a glossy look...OR...use the sparkly mod-podge and link your fish to this story: Rainbow Fish

A great way to display them is captured in net! Enjoy!