December 12, 2011

S'more Pastries

I'll have another clay lesson for you soon, but I thought I'd take break and do a craft post. This craft post just happens to involve food!

I went to a girl's night on Friday and we were supposed to bring a treat to share. I made s'more pastries and they were delightfully tasty! I got the pastry dough from the grocery store and cut it into 12 equal pieces. I put a graham cracker, chocolate, and peanut butter on the pastry.

Put some water around the edge and fold the pastry on top of itself.
Using a fork, crimp the edges together.

Put an egg wash on top and slit the tops with a knife.
Cook @400 for 15 minutes.

Add marshmallow puff on top and watch it melt.

So wonderfully warm and gooey, much easier to eat than a real s'more.
Go enjoy one and cuddle up next to the fire.