December 2, 2011

Printed Seascapes

I suppose not ALL the lessons I am teaching right now have to do with winter. I know...I know...I am obsessed with winter, Christmas, Holiday music,  and snow right now. But let my seasonal affective disorder kick in after a few below freezing days and I'll be wishing it was summer. So I thought I would start a project that will warm up the hallways a bit during the bitterly cold days ahead.

I finished my printing plate today. I'm planning on teaching this lesson to 3rd graders. They will study Impressionism artists, like Monet. Since Monet loved to do seascapes we will use that as our subject matter. Students will learn how to do a relief print of their seascapes. I'll post pictures when we are done, but my guess is it will be January due to the upcoming break.

Here is my printing plate: