December 16, 2011

Polar Bear Paintings

When I saw this artwork while perusing blogs this past summer I wanted it to be winter immediately so I could try it with my students. Ah! So beautiful!

I taught this lesson to my 5th graders because I thought it would be an excellent pre-cursor to my big lesson I do in the spring to teach all the watercolor techniques in one lesson.

This lesson teaches a few concepts:
Wash: to lay the base colors
Watercolor Removal: the moon we made from soaking up the wet paint with a tissue and circle template
Salt: to make our frosted Antarctic sky
Plastic Wrap: to make our crackled ice

The first picture is week one. It only took 30 minutes so we worked on another project for the other half of class. The second picture is week two. It also only took 30 minutes to stencil print the bears so we finished the other lesson we started. Week three will take about 5 minutes (our sketchbook time at the beginning of class) and we will add eyes and a nose.