December 28, 2011

Pinterest at work

So I took the plunge a few weeks ago and got a Pinterest. At first I wasn't too into it. After all, I have my StumbleUpon account and I didn't really think I needed anything else. I recently discovered though that I love seeing what my friends are pinning to their boards. It is quite wonderful to see what inspires my friends.

As my own board started to fill up I kept thinking, "are these pins just going to become unrealized dreams". I am living life so I might as well stop dreaming that I'll have my pins one day and just make it a reality.

Thus comes to the pin that became my inspiration for my next project.

This pin had no link to an external website, so I was frustrated because I wanted to buy the statement piece necklace that was featured in this picture and I couldn't figure out where it came from. So I did what any art teacher would do. I decided to make it.

The last time I made real jewelry I was in college and had wonderful resources to use. This time though, I had only the creative side of my brain and a picture.

I went to my home away from home, Hobby Lobby, and scoured the shelves for cheap beads that looked similar to the picture. Luckily most of the beads were 50% off. The hardest part was guessing what materials were in the picture.

These are some of the things I came home with.

*Assorted Blue Stones (The holes for thread were not the same as the picture so I had to improvise)
*10mm & 5mm Cream wood beads ( the smaller ones were the improvisation I mention above)
*Jump Rings (used to attach the blue stones)
*Embroidery Floss in Cream
*Gold/Bronze Metal string of beads
*Lobster Clasp (for securing necklace)
*Split Ring (for securing necklace)
*Suede Lace in Beige

I started the necklace by getting the blue stones ready to be attached to the metal string of beads.This is where I had to improvise since the holes were not where they should be.
After I had a good pile of these assorted blue stones I cut the suede lace in half and started to string the metal beads onto it. I used the pliers to attach 6 blue stones to one string of metal beads and capped the ends off with the 10mm cream wood beads. Then I used the second strand of suede lace and repeated the process only I added 10 blue stones and capped the ends with three 10mm cream wood beads on either end.

I knotted the two suede laces together. In the labeled picture at the top of this post you can see how I added split rings to either side (after measuring it around my neck). I then added a lobster clasp to one of the split rings. You can trim the extra suede, but I just tied them into bows just in case I need to readjust them. Trim the extra embroidery floss off your blue stones once you have knotted them a few times and you should get something that looks like this.

It's the perfect statement piece for any outfit. Here I glammed up a dress and a casual sweater.

Altogether it cost me about $15 and took about 3 hours to make.
*Scissors- Already owned
*Pliers- Already owned
*Assorted Blue Stones- $4 total for two bags (they were 50% off)
*10mm & 5mm Cream wood beads- $2 total for both bags (50% off)
*Jump Rings- Already owned
*Embroidery Floss in Cream- Already owned
*Gold/Bronze Metal string of beads- $3.99 for each strand (but I used a 40% coupon on one) $6 total
* Lobster Clasp- $.75 (50% off)
*Split Ring- $.75 (50%off)
*Suede Lace in Beige- $1.99

I am pretty pleased with the results and I am happy to see my pinning become a reality.