December 13, 2011

Clay Texture Necklaces

As promised, my lesson for Kindergarten on Clay Texture Necklaces. One of the staples for Kindergarten curriculum is to explore texture. What better way to do this than making textures in clay? I cut out circles of clay for each student (this is the one down-side of this project because it takes some time). You could let them roll out clay, but I find their little arms just aren't strong enough yet. So I pre-cut the clay a few days before and store them in a baggie with wet paper towels. Easy solution.

Each student gets a toolbox of gadgets (markers, Popsicle sticks, seashells, beads, etc) that will make texture. They get to explore on their clay. I write their initials and teacher code on the back and punch two holes through the clay so we can make them into necklaces. Once they are fired, we use watercolors to paint them, and they proudly wear them home! So cute.