December 26, 2011

Batiking Shirts

As promised, the post-Christmas craft! I've been wanting to share this for two months now, but I didn't want to spoil the Christmas surprise for all of my female relatives. During one of my StumbleUpon adventures I came across this blog which gave me the idea for my next craft.

I contacted each one of my female relatives and close friends and asked them to give me a favorite quote, song lyrics, or Bible verse. Everyone sent me something and I got to work.

The pictures show several different shirts being made.

Part One Supplies:
T-shirt, Blue Gel Glue (white Elmers won't work), and a sturdy surface (like my huge drawing notepad)

Put the sturdy surface inside your dry t-shirt so it lays flat and wrinkle free.

Use the Blue Gel Glue to write or draw whatever you wish on your shirt.
Wait for glue to dry.

Part Two Supplies:
Rit-Dye (The Primaries), Large container, Gloves, Plastic Spoon, Trash bags

Fill the tub with warm water. Add dye to your liking. Stir with spoon.

This was the shirt I did for my 9 month old niece.
Place shirt in dye and keep it in there until you like the color (although it will come out lighter once washed)

Hello Batiking!! The glued areas will remain white. Rinse in the sink and squeeze out.

I put trash bags in the bathtub and laid the shirts out as flat as I could. Once they had dried for several hours I washed them in cold water in the washer with just a bit of soap. Beautiful! Here are some of the creations I came up with...including my own!

Peter Pan quote for my youngest cousin.

Thanks to Switchfoot for my favorite song lyrics on my personal shirt...