November 23, 2011


I feel like I am constantly talking about shapes no matter what project I am teaching. Even though we've been over it plenty of times, I still get a few kiddos who don't quite get the difference between organic and geometric shapes. So I decided to make some signs to spruce up a bulletin board in my room. The bonus was that I made one sign warm colors and one sign cool colors.

What else will I accomplish over break?

Love the painted paper border...


  1. I always tell them that geometric shapes are "math class" shapes and organic shapes come from nature. The math thing, though not all-inclusive, seems to help. I like your idea of making posters. I have some cut out shapes for each category that I hang on my bulletin board but should probably make a more permanent display.

  2. I like "math shapes". I usually say if it has a name then it is probably geometric.