November 19, 2011

Greeting Cards

One of my "unspoken" responsibilities at my school is to create holiday greeting cards to send to almost every school in the district. So I got to work on the cards on my day off this week. Both Ollie and I thought they were fun to make, although, after about the 40th card, I was over it.

Here are the steps:

Ollie showed up just in time to help out with this craft.
These are the supplies you will need:
Tempera Paint, Paintbrush, Ruler, X-acto, Scissors, Glue, Card stock, Box Lid, Self-healing Mat

Put some card stock in the box lid and drizzle tempera paint.

DO NOT: Walk away for even a minute because something bad could happen. Ollie decided to lay on the pink paint I had just poured in the box. Pause for kitty bath time.
Pretty drizzled paint that I smeared with a brush. Set this aside to dry.

Fold card stock in half and reopen. Draw pairs of parallel lines across the fold.
Use the straight edge and X-acto to cut along the lines.
Pop the line out into right angles.

Ollie was apparently not a fan of my music choice on Pandora or the laptop or life in general.
After 40 of these I was tired. (Note: you could just use scissors if you think you can cut straight enough lines)
Once the paper has dried cut out triangles.

Glue the triangles onto the right angles. Add your personal greeting!

I already had all these supplies so it was free!
My fun level: 5  Ollie's cleanliness: Less than or equal to 0