November 11, 2011

Glitter fun!

So I'm not allowed to listen to Christmas music or decorate my tree until after Thanksgiving, but I just couldn't resist the 50% off all Christmas supplies at Hobby Lobby. Having a day off work doesn't help anything either. So I caved and decided that preparing for decorating wasn't really breaking any rules. So I did just that.

My tree so happens to have a glitter only rule. If it isn't colorful and glittery, it doesn't make the cut. So that is the path I went down today.

Start by cleaning out the ornaments. (1 cup of warm water plus 1 tbsp of vinegar).
Rinse out with warm water and let dry.

Back at the craft table have these supplies ready: 
glitter, glitter-it glue, funnel (optional), paperclip, glass ornaments.
Puncture the Glitter-It glue with a paperclip to open it.

Pour in the Glitter-it (tsp) and swirl it to coat the inside. You can add more later on.
 Pour in glitter and began to swirl or shake to spread.

Notice how if you don't put in a lot of glitter, it won't cover much, so add more.

Then my kitten Ollie decided he wanted attention and thus started 
destroying my work zone and ornament box.
More destroying... 

I started combining the colors and loved the results!

Total cost: $6.50  Fun Level for Ollie: Priceless
Supplies bought at Hobby Lobby (note everything was 50% off)
Glue: $2.50 Twelve Glass Ornaments: $3 Glitter: $1