September 11, 2011

Super Art Stars

I "invented" a new positive discipline measure right before school started this year. I wanted my students to strive to be good instead of just striving to not get in trouble.

Before school started I covered my classroom door with craft paper and some extra artwork designs leftover from the previous year. I also created a Super Art Star cup that sits at the front of my class on my desk.

Here is how is works:
I write down students names whom I see displaying great behaviors. These names are written on small pieces of paper that I have stacked up on my desk and put in the Star Cup. I try to make an announcement when I write down a name because it makes the rest of the students seems to try even harder.

At the end of each month, I dump out the names and pull out 5. Those students get their names announced on the intercom and I write their name on a star which gets displayed on the door. I usually hand out other prizes too, like fun pencils for the young kiddos and the older kids can sit at my desk for the class period.

This has given me the most amazing results. My students are working so hard at showing great behaviors and it is making a huge difference on classroom management.

It is a keeper!