August 12, 2011

Color Memory Game

As promised in my previous post, I took some pictures today of one of my Kindergarten centers that I created. It is a concentration game with color as the theme.
So I collected a large amount of paint swatches
from various stores. I cut off the name of the
color and saved it for later. I laminated each
color on top of black construction.
Each color name gets glued to a clothespin.
This is how you play. All the color swatches
are placed face down on the table. The kids
randomly draw out the clothespin from a bag.
That's the color they are trying to find. They
turn over a swatch and if they match they clip
the clothespin to it and keep it. If it doesn't
match they return the clothespin and swatch.
Next person's turn! Whoever has the most
colors at the end wins!!