May 3, 2011

wire portraits

I love this lesson and my fifth graders are equally excited about it and the results. We review facial proportion and facial charting to start but then we add in the creative endeavors of Alexander Calder. Students get to view photos of Calder's own wire portraits before they make their own.

Each student starts with 1 twisteez wire.
The first step is to make an oval for the head that will eventually fit on an 8.5 x 11 piece of card stock.
I do this step with the kids. We only use 3/4 of one strand of wire for the head, the other 1/4 gets cut off and can be used somewhere else on the portrait sculpture. I loop the wire around, twist it, and trim it. The kids follow suit. The students are shown some things they can do with the wire to make the portrait more creative.
Emphasize that straight lines are boring when compared to curly, wavy, and zig-zaggy lines.